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Tasting Set Espresso Bean - Hamburg City Roaster

| 1kg | Granos enteros
Hamburger Espresso Set | Carroux, Speicherstadt Kaffe, Elbgold

1 x Carroux Espresso 500g bean
1 x Speicherstadt il Gusto organic 250g bean
1 x Elbgold Neunbar 250g bean

Tasting set consisting of the three best-known Hamburg coffee roasters

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Espresso tasting set bean with the most famous coffee roasters from Hamburg City Germany- 1kg...más

Espresso tasting set bean with the most famous coffee roasters from Hamburg City Germany- 1kg

  1. Carroux Espresso 500g,
  2. Speicherstadt il Gusto 250g,
  3. Elbgold Neunbar 250g

Carroux Espresso 500g

One doesn't believe it, this coffee doesn't come from Italy, but from Germany, strictly speaking from Hamburg. As an exception, all experts agree: this coffee is, without doubt, one of the very best espresso coffees. Carroux himself writes: "With this espresso, one has now found the perfect coffee. Such a quality serves to consume rather less in order to enjoy more". The Classic Espresso is a classic 80/20 Arabica blend, composed of no less than 7 different green coffees. Its perfect harmony is complemented by a velvety soft and flavored character.

The term "house blend" is actually far too common: but it is the preferred blend of connoisseurs at the Carroux Espresso Bar and the favorite of our discerning business customers. Ideal for a soft, gentle espresso. And perfect for a flavored cappuccino...

Comment: harmonious coffee, very nice cream formation, medium caffeine content.

Speicherstadt il Gusto Bio 250g

This spirited top organic espresso Il Gusto captivates with a wealth of aromas with cocoa nibs, dried fruits and a hint of cedar wood and offers a special taste experience. A long-lasting cocoa aroma, which surprises in the finish with a hint of sour cherry and dark chocolate, gives the lovers an unforgettable pleasure experience. The Il Gusto Espresso beans are ideal for the following coffee milk drinks: cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, espresso macchiato. Due to the proportion of Robusta beans, the ideal preparation of the Speicherstadt coffee Il Gusto produces a very fine-pored, airy, hazelnut-brown and very stable crema. The il Gusto is perfect for preparation in fully automatic machines, porta filters, espresso makers and milk drinks.

BIOLOGICALLY GROWN- The raw coffee is 100% organic. Without genetic engineering and without preservatives. DE-ÖKO-039 Non-EU Agriculture

Elbgold Neunbar 250g

An Arabica mixture coming from Ethiopia and Nicaragua. Intense sweet taste, full body, optimal crema, very pleasant aroma. Dark berry notes and almond and caramel aromas create a complex blend that develops to the last sip.


Tipo / Característica: Granos enteros
Aparato: Cafetera Automática
Tamaño del Paquete: 1kg
Región: Alemania
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